Connecting brands to shoppers

Supermarket Trolleys

Our trolley networks reach up to 100 million repeat shoppers every four weeks across Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and ASDA.

Advertising on trollies allows brands to communicate and connect with consumers at and close to the point of purchase. Our network allows for targeted point-of-sale campaigns that deliver both in terms of sales and increased brand awareness.

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Online Retail Media

Leveraging our corporate parent’s background in technology and innovation, Retail Media Group is a leader in the use of machine learning to optimise and drive revenue from digital inventory.

We offer services ranging from building a retailer’s entire retail media technology stack, to our best-in-class algorithmic systems that deliver enhanced yield through fully automated dynamic floor pricing in programmatic retail media auctions.





Point of Sale D6s

Retail Media Group manages a nationwide D6 network of Point of Sale D6 screens.






Retail 6 sheets

Our Retail 6 Sheets network offers brands the opportunity to advertise in close proximity to high street retailers and to influence consumers while they’re in a shopping mindset.

With 54% of consumers visiting retail parks at least once a week, our retail 6 sheet network helps increase brand visibility at strategically relevant locations.

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Digital Basket Screens

Discover a new world of opportunities with our Digital Basket Screens offer – a leading retail basket advertising network in the UK. 

76% of all purchasing decisions are made at the point of purchase and digital basket stackers allow brands to nudge store visitors as they enter stores.

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