Connecting brands to shoppers

Retail Media Group is the UK’s leading expert in Retail Media, with two decades of experience working with the UK’s largest grocery retailers and retail park landowners. Our OOH network of advertising formats provides innovative and flexible ways for brands to connect with shoppers. 

We work with the UK’s top media agencies, OOH specialists and advertisers to deliver effective retail media campaigns.

Trolley Panels

Reach up to 100 million repeat shoppers every four weeks across Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and ASDA.

Connect and communicate with your clients directly through our network of Trolley Panels in carefully planned point-of-sale campaigns. Showcase your products in the most efficient way and increase brand awareness, as well as its visibility in the process.

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Retail 6 sheets

Our Retail 6 Sheets network offers brands the opportunity to advertise in close proximity to high street retailers and to influence consumers while they’re in a shopping mindset.

Did you know that 54% of consumers visit retail parks at least once a week? Make the most out of your potential clientele’s intent and increase your brand visibility through strategically placed ad campaigns.

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Digital Basket Screens

Discover a new world of opportunities with our Digital Basket Screens offer – a leading retail basket advertising network in the UK. Make the most of the in-store advertising and communicate with audiences in the language of the future through digital ads.

Did you know that as much as 76% of all purchasing decisions are made at the point of purchase? Don’t miss your chance to nudge store visitors in the right direction and discover the potential and power of digitalised product placement.

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Why Choose Outdoor?

At Retail Media Group, we provide advertising solutions for shoppers, within supermarkets and the retail environment.
With proximity marketing and digital capabilities, we can dominate locations and target by specific region, location, postcode, and high traffic areas – we most importantly target the right audience, at the relevant moment and mindset, with the right message.



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