Artwork Specs

Explore the full range of our artwork specifications, for four targeted Out-Of-Home media networks.

We followed strict rules in preparing these custom-made ad solutions for specific campaigns to answer the needs and expectations of our clients. Different sales channels come with their own challenges, but we’re here to accompany and advise you every step of the way to take your visual storytelling to another level.

From specialised POS campaigns, in-store trolley panels and one-of-a-kind digital basket screens for large-scale multi-channel retailers, like Tesco, ASDA or Sainsbury’s, all the way to full-blown retail parks – we’re ready to help you with any marketing task that may lie ahead of you.

Trolley Panels

Reach up to 100 million repeat shoppers every four weeks across the big three supermarkets – Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Asda.

Retail Parks

Our Retail Park network offers brands the opportunity to advertise in close proximity to high street retailers and to influence consumers while they’re in a shopping mindset.

Digital Basket Screens

Our digital basket screens offer retailers’ convenience store networks an opportunity to place digital ads at the very front of the store


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