Retail Park 6 sheets

Target shoppers at retail and leisure outlets across the UK’s busiest retail parks

Our Retail Park 6 sheets network offers brands the opportunity to advertise in close proximity to high street retailers and to influence consumers while they’re in a shopping mindset. 

Retail parks’ larger-store formats at out-of-town locations have an advantage over the high street with click-and-collect options, free parking, and shoppers can avoid public transport and purchase with ease.

In recent years, retail parks in the UK have faced tough competition from online shopping and high street stores. However, there has been a growing trend suggesting that retail parks are making a comeback.

One reason for this resurgence is the shift towards experiential retail. Retail parks are ideal locations for creating an immersive shopping experience for consumers, with plenty of space for leisure activities such as cinema, bowling, and restaurants. Retail parks can also offer free parking, which is an increasingly important factor for consumers


6-sheet posters


retail parks

12m footfall

We reach 12 million people every two weeks


of consumers visit a retail park at least once a week


of the retail park audience is an ABC1 consumer

Sources: MediaTrak

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