The value of in-store advertising

In store troley ad

With the flood of out-of-store brand communication consistently influencing positive attitudes toward brands, it becomes hard for consumers to remember the message. It’s great to attract lots of shoppers to supermarkets, but if they don’t convert into sales then efforts are easily wasted. 

In-store promotions are a way to establish direct contact. This personal connection is important because customers will remember brands that they have had direct interaction with, increasing their familiarity with marketing campaigns and branding. In addition to increasing brand awareness, point-of-sale helps companies showcase new products and attract more customers to increase sales.

Retail Media Group owns the UK’s leading trolley advertising network, reaching up to 170 million repeat shoppers every four weeks across leading supermarkets, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and Asda. A well-executed trolley advertising campaign can help maximise the conversions from browsers to customers since research tells us that 71% of shoppers who recall trolley ads take action, which is why the likes of Mondalez, Unilever, and Kelloggs continue to repeat book. 

By understanding the value and importance of in-store advertising, brands can create a successful marketing strategy that not only increases sales but also strengthens customer loyalty and enhances brand reputation.

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By Helen Markham

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