Christmas shoppers seek value as inflation persists

Christmas ham

It can be hard to resist the temptation of Christmas foods as supermarkets begin to line their shelves with stacks of festive goodies. The anticipation of the Golden Quarter is always high: for customers, rushing to stock up on their Christmas staples, and for brands, who engage in an intense competition for winning sales.   The […]

A KINDer world to get behind

KIND campaign

KIND Snacks, official partners of the England Football Team, are excited to be supporting the lionesses down under this summer. In case you weren’t aware of these delicious snacks, KIND® (acquired by Mars in 2020) is committed to creating great tasting bars with nutrient rich ingredients. Whole nuts take centre stage, showcasing simple nutrition while […]

Summertime at retail parks

Retail park ad

In recent years, retail parks in the UK have faced tough competition from online shopping and high street stores. However, there has been a growing trend suggesting that retail parks are making a comeback. One reason for this resurgence is the shift towards experiential retail. Retail parks are ideal locations for creating an immersive shopping […]

The value of in-store advertising

In store troley ad

With the flood of out-of-store brand communication consistently influencing positive attitudes toward brands, it becomes hard for consumers to remember the message. It’s great to attract lots of shoppers to supermarkets, but if they don’t convert into sales then efforts are easily wasted.  In-store promotions are a way to establish direct contact. This personal connection is […]

Reaching Easter shoppers

Kit Kat trolley ad

Our Trolley Panels network is the perfect solution for brands looking to target supermarket shoppers in the run up to Easter. Research shows that 71% of shoppers take action after seeing trolley posters, and with coverage across Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Asda stores, there’s no better way to reach this audience. Get in touch to find out more!